Employee Pension Schemes (PPE)

PRACOWNICZE PROGRAMY EMERYTALNE / EMPLOYEE PENSION SCHEMES   Employee Pension Schemes (PPE) is a form of collective saving under the so-called III pillar of pension system. The legal basis for the functioning of PPE is the Act on Employee Pension Schemes of April 20, 2004. PPEs are currently being created voluntarily by employers with funds paid by them and by employees. There are currently (2017) more than 1050 PPE on the market. According to the binding act, they are carried out in one of the four foreseen forms:
  • employee pension fund,
  • an investment fund,
  • group life insurance with an insurance capital fund,
  • foreign management.
Establishment of an PPE requires the conclusion of a company or inter-company contract, a contract with a financial institution offering PPE and registration of a program in the Financial Supervision Commission (pol. Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego – KNF). The necessity to take into account the specifics of the employer’s functioning on the market and the role of trade unions requires an individual approach.   As part of the consultancy services provided, Instytut Emerytalny performs:  
  • consultancy in the creation of PPE by employers and financial institutions,
  • consultations on the choice of the form of running an PPE,
  • consultancy in the selection of the managing entity,
  • audit conducted by the employer of the PPE,
  • representation before the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF),
  • representation in court proceedings related to the PPE,
  • conducts negotiations with trade unions or other groups of employees,
  • training in the field of PPE
  In the field of legal services, Instytut Emerytalny cooperates with the law office of Wojewódka i Wspólnicy sp.k., with many years of experience in servicing the Employee Pension Schemes.     Person to contact: Ph.D. Antoni Kolek antoni.kolek@instytutemerytalny.pl biuro@instytutemerytalny.pl