Consulting in relations with social partners

Experts of the Instytut Emerytalny have extensive experience in advising entrepreneurs in the field of relations with social partners, in particular with representatives of trade union organizations and employee councils

Our expertise includes support in the field of ongoing operations and relations between the employer and trade unions, as well as assistance in atypical situations such as collective disputes, situations of restructures or group layoffs.

The Institute’s experts often acted as a party adviser and mediator in relations and disputes between entrepreneurs and employees’ representatives, taking up challenges at various factory and under-factory levels.

The competences held by the Experts of the Instytut Emerytalny have been confirmed by the successes of numerous agreements that reached endings of collective disputes, as well as negotiated and concluded sources of company labor law.


As part of the consulting services provided, the Pension Institute offers:

  • Preparation of recommendations in the field of cooperation strategy with trade union organizations, recommending appropriate communication models,
  • Negotiating collective agreements, regulations and other social agreements (employment guarantee pacts, voluntary leave programs, collective dispute agreements, group layoffs regulations, etc.),
  • Preparation and issuing opinions on draft legal acts in the field of workplace sources of labor law (regulations, collective agreements, social agreements, transfer agreements, etc.),
  • Conducting a collective dispute procedure, participation in meetings at all stages of a collective dispute, preparing recommendations regarding the lack of grounds for considering a collective dispute,
  • Conducting negotiations on group dismissals, preparing required documentation,
  • Conducting negotiations on taking over part / whole of the workplace, negotiating the terms of the transfer agreements,
  • Negotiating wage agreements,
  • Preparing reports on the course of negotiations.


Ph.D. Marcin Wojewódka