Open Pension Funds (OFE)


Open Pension Funds (OFE) managed by Universal Pension Societies (PTE) are part of the so-called II pension pillar. OFEs accumulate part of the pension contribution discharged compulsorily by the insured born after December 31, 1948. The funds collected are invested in the stock market and serve to finance the savings-pension.

Membership in OFE is voluntary since February 1 of 2014, however, the lack of submitting a declaration on the willingness to join an OFE results in the adoption of a presumption of the lack of will to participate in OFE. You can become a member of OFE as a result of concluding a contract or as part of acquiring membership as a result of divorce, annulment of marriage or inheritance after your spouse.

As part of the consultancy services provided, Instytut Emerytalny performs :

  • consulting in service of Open Pension Funds,
  • auditing in the range of Open Pension Funds service,
  • representation before the Financial Supervision Authority
  • representation in case of court proceedings related to running OFE,
  • training in the scope of OFE dilemma

In the field of legal services, Instytut Emerytalny cooperates with the law office of Wojewódka i Wspólnicy sp.k.


Person to contact:

Ph.D. Antoni Kolek